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    Sine 1980s, we have been working on the research, production and sales of ourown-patented products, high hardness film-coated tantalum spinnerets. And have developed our company to be the largest R&D and production base for wet-spinning spinnerets in China. We are very grateful for customer’s continuous support and cooperation, which has devoted a lot to our development.             

    Along with the new development of social economy and science technology, we will try to develop our capillary processingtechnology for wet-spinning spinnerets to be world's advanced level. Meanwhile, we will develop our own technology know how and characteristic in the Ta-Nbtechnology and products. To achieve the significant but hard goal, we will strive to overcome any difficulties with the motto of “where there is a will, there is a way”. Also, customer's continuous cooperation would be highly appreciated.

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On September 13th, 2018, Mr. J
On September 13 th , 2018, Mr. Jiang Shicheng, senior academician of China Chemical Fib

Company address: 15 Leyuan Street, Yanxi Development Area, Huairou District, Beijing, CHINA 101407  


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