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Our company was formerly “Beijing Huayu Spinneret Works” founded in 1988, which was set up  to manufacture film-coated tantalum spinneret with our own invention patent rights, invented by  our President Mr. Liu Yuzhong. In 1988, the company changed a new name to be “Beijing Huayu Chuangxin Science & Trade co., Ltd. ”, and got registered in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park, the Silicon Valley of Beijing, since when our company was authorized Municipal Hi-tech Enterprise. In 2013, we have invested over RMB50,000,000.00 inthe establishment Of “Beijing Huayu Chaungxin Ta-Nb Science & Technology Co., Ltd.” The new company is engaged in the technology & production of Ta-Nb products. In 2014, we have built our new factory with 8000m2 building area, and moved into the new location at 15 Leyuan Street, Zhongguancun Science Park Huairou Development Zone.

The establishment of our company was initially boosted by technology development. In1985, the technology of “Generating LiTaO3 film through molten-salt Electro-chemical reaction directly from Ta” invented by Mr.Liu Yuzhong, has solved the crucial problem of spinnability to substitute traditional Au-Pt(Rh) spinnerets in the wet-spinning of chemical fibers. It was authorized China Invention Patent Rights . In 2006,our 2nd generation film-cated tantalum has got China Invention Patent Right 02106915.8.  For nearly 30 years, we’ve been the leading manufacturer of film-coated tantalum spinnerets(HHFCTS) in the world . Till the 2nd quarter of 2015, we have totally supplied over 2,530,000 pcs of various HHFCTS to producers of viscose filament yarn, viscose staple fiber, acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, and aramide fibers at home and abroad. Our spinnerets have been exported to Italy, India, brazil, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Taiwan Region.

Attributed to HHFCTS’s advancement in technology and extraordinary social economical efficiency, our company is authorized as “Hi-tech Enterprise” and has won 2001 Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Development Award, 2002 China National Science & Technology Progress Award. In 2005, we are awarded as “Autonomous Innovation Star Enterprise” along with other 26 companies by Haidian District, Beijing Municipal Government.

In 2013, we have built a production plant for Refining & Process Of non-ferrous metal , such as tantalum, niobium, nickel,and zirconium. The line is equipped with advanced equipment including Forging machine, vacuum annealing furnace, high-precision roll grinding machine, CNC saw machine,300 KWA Electron beam refining furnace, etc. We are capable to produce and supply Ta-Nb or Zr plate, bar, wire, tube, foil and further processing products applicable in the field of electronic, semi-conductor, corrosion prevention, lighting, medical devices, aerospace and military, etc. Meanwhile, we have acquired precious metals melting and rolling instruments, and we can also supply Au-Pt(Rh) spinnerets upon customer’s request.

Recently, we’ve been engaged in the IMS(Intelligent Manufacturing systems) , and have achieved good progress. We now have over 80 employees including 25 technicians; also, we have successful cooperation with engineers from famous universities and research institutes to help our research and development.  We commit to strict quality control measures under the rules of 1S09001 Quality Management System, and will hold the line of comprehensive and sustainable innovation to meet and exceed the customer’s requirements for win-win cooperation. 

Company address: 15 Leyuan Street, Yanxi Development Area, Huairou District, Beijing, CHINA 101407  


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