On August 24th, 2018, supervision delegation led by vice principal of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Huairou Branch, Mr. Shi Zongxiang visited our company. They were deeply impressed by our company’s 30 years development, and especially Mr. Liu’s full dedication to work at age of 80. The whole delegation spoke highly of our film-coated tantalum spinneret patents and expressed their warm hope for our promising future with view to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 

President Liu is introducing his domestic and international invention patents to Mr. Shi Zongxiang. 


Mr. Shi Zongxiang visited our workship with President Liu’s accompany.      

President Liu is introducing our patented product film-coated tantalum spinneret to Mr. Shi Zongxiang. 


Company address: 15 Leyuan Street, Yanxi Development Area, Huairou District, Beijing, CHINA 101407  


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