[SPECIAL REPORT] BJHY 30th Anniversary

On July 18th, 2018, we BJHY, Beijing Huayu Chuangxin Science & Trade Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huayu Chuangxin Ta-Nb Science & Technology, held the Company 30th Anniversary Ceremony in Beijing Huairou Swan Lakeview Hotel with over 240 attendees.


In the ceremony speech President Mr. Liu Yuzhong made an impressive introduction about our company development history for the 30 years started from almost zero fund but only technology, the whole company group expanded from 3 persons to currently over 120 persons have overcome mountains of difficulties and fully devoted to spinneret manufacturing and research, which accomplished our prosperous achievement today. After anniversary ceremony, we had technical seminars with customer representatives.


Distinguished guests from over 30 customer companies have attended the ceremony, dominant representatives include Sateri(Singapore) Group, Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Fiber Group, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, (India) Birla Jingwei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Yibin Grace Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd , Jilin  Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd,  Xinjiang Fulida Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Beijing Zhongli Textile Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd, Neimeng Aerospace Science And Industry Group, and etc. We also had the honor of other distinguished guests’ attendance including: Mr. Zhang Xiaowen, former headmaster of Tsinghua University, Mr. Lin Bonan, Head of Zhongzi Law Office(our company legal counsel), Mr. Zhou Benlian, former Party Secretary and Deputy Head of 11th Institute of Ministry of Electronic Industry(Mr. Liu’s technology incubation base where he invented surface treatment technology for tantalum spinnerets and national defense applications ), Mr. Ding Yinglie , Dean of Tsinghua Faculty of Law,  Mr. Lv Honggang,Vice Chairman of  China Textile Machinery Association(CTMA), Alma Mater representatives of Central South University, The former Central South University of  Non-ferrous Metals  where Mr. Liu graduated. Also, Beijing Huairou Science City Council has sent representatives and warm congratulations.


 During the anniversary ceremony, some participated leaders and representatives gave  warm and passionate speeches about their  praises to our work and putting forward their sincere hopes, they are Mr. Zhangxiaowen , former headmaster of Tsinghua University;Mr. Lv Honggang of CTMA; Mr. Sun Zengjun of  Tangshan Sanyou; Mr. Han Shufa of Xinxiang Bailu;Mr.Zou Benlian of Mr. Liu’s former institute and Mr. Ding Ynglie. Alsoour staff representative, Ms. Hu Qianhui gave a warm speech about our company development, social responsibility and care for employees. 




Company address: 15 Leyuan Street, Yanxi Development Area, Huairou District, Beijing, CHINA 101407  


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